It’s about time for Redding’s Top Automotive event. Redding Kool April Nites (cool april nights). Once again there is a 2000 car cap so if you are planning on entering a car you probably want to get things started, registration ends on April 11 and the show is from April 17-22. You can find more information in our car show calendar on 2012 Kool April Nites.

Redding Kool April Nites

Redding Kool April Nites

Show ands Shines will be held through out the week with the main events happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cuise starts at 6:30 on Friday and is followed by the first of the two dances at the Redding Convention Center in the Mega Tent.

Kool April Nite Cruise

The cruise will be on the usual route starting with Hilltop Drive, across Dana Drive, down Churn Creek, across Cypress Avenue and then back up Hilltop. People usually start staking off their favorite areas to watch the cruise early in the day (sometimes the day before), so if you are planning ot have a large group it’s a good idea to get an area early. If your group is pretty small just make sure you get to where you want to be before the roads start closing around 6pm.

Kool April Nites Dance

There are 3 bands in the schedule this year for the dance. the one for Friday night is “the Cottonwood Band”, Saturday will a tribute to the Beach Boys followed by a tribute to the Beatles. Every year I’ve went the bands are well worth the $10 cover charge and you can buy beer at the dance (which after a hot day in the sun is a real bonus!). This is a family event so you see a lot of kids and a lot of people like to dress up to get the real feel of the event.

Once again Kool April Nites should be a great show! You get plenty of opportunity to get up close to check out the cars and they have some great “Trailer Queens” in the Convention center building.