One of the most recognized auctions in the world is currently underway. The Scottsdale Barrett Jackson is being held at Westworld of Scottsdale in Scottsdale Arizona Jan 16-22cd. The Barrett Jackson Auctions usually have an eclectic selection of car and this year’s auction is no different.

Barrett Jackson Tickets

Ticket prices vary tremendously depending on the day, how long you plan on staying and if you qualify for one of the discount tickets. Week passes go from $160 to $80 with the online tickets going at about half price so it’s well worth going to the online Barrett Jackson Ticket sales instead of paying at the gate.

If you can’t get tickets and see the show in person, Barrett Jackson also does video footage of the auction so you can check out some of the top sales on TV from the comfort of your own home.

Barrett Jackson Cars

To be expected there is an impressive list of some of the most beautifully restored classic cars you can imagine, mixed in with the classic are usually a large number of customized rods, this year’s lineup include a Chevy hot rod hearse, a recreation of the “Mystery Machine” from Scooby Doo, a “Hello Kitty” VW bug, the “Bumble Bee” Camaro, and Jordin Sparks “Playboy Pink” classic Mustang. You will often see some of the cars showcased from some of the larger auto shows; one of the notable auto show entries is a General Motors SEMA Show Vehicle, a Hummer H3.

Other Barrett Jackson Shows

The Scottsdale Barrett Jackson is one of 4 Barrett Jackson auctions that are held each year. There is also an auction held June 22-24 in Orange County, California, The Palm Beach Barrett Jackson is held April 5-7 this year and the 2012 Las Vegas Barrett Jackson auction is Sept 20-22. The Scottsdale auction is the original and was first held in 1971, as Barrett Jackson Auctions became more popular the additions auctions were set up in the other three states.

While the Scottsdale auction is still one of the larger shows, the others each have their own distinct flavor getting more cars from a particular region of the United States. For example the 2011 Orange County Barrett Jackson sold Tony Hawks customized 2011 Mustang GT dubbed the “Hawkized Stang” Celebrity cars are pretty popular are the at the Various Barrett Jackson Auctions.