Remember when you had to actually watch the Superbowl to see the commercials, you remember back when commercial breaks meant Beer run, bathroom or snack time. Well, the battle of the Superbowl commercials continues to heat up. We’ve already checked out “The Beast“, and “The Dog Strikes Back“, now Chevy has their Superbowl commercial ready to be viewed (days before the Superbowl).

Chevy’s claim to Superbowl commercial fame is centered on the Chevy Sonic. Besides just driving down the street, have you ever wondered what you might like to do with your Sonic? Chevy tries to answer that question. How about Sky Diving, Playing the Piano (remember this is with your Sonic), perhaps trying a corkscrew jump with your new sonic is more your thing.

Well, checking out the video and finding out what it would be like is just a click away

Chevy Sonic Superbowl Spot

So What do you think does the Chevy Sonic beat out Sexy “Miss Evelyn” from last year?

Or how about Tommy “What lassie, Tommy fell down a well?”

Maybe it was Al Chevy Dealership trying to appeal to the transformers crowd

Sorry Chevy, Your not making my top 10 list of Superbowl commercials with this list. Maybe next year.