Big money is spent in the Superbowl spots with millions going to air a 30 or 60 second commercial. While the best ads used to go to the beer commercials (Budweiser) now it seems the car manufacturers are trying to take the limelight. With Volkswagen is working with funny (always a winner with Superbowl commercials), Lexus is taking a more serious route with their commercials and have produced “The Beast”.

So what do you think? Is the funny twist on the Star Wars theme taken by Volkswagen (“The Dog Strikes Back“) going to make you want to buy their car, or is the more “Manly” theme of “The Beast” from Lexus going to be what entices you into shelling out the bucks to buy a new car?

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Lexus Superbowl spot “The Beast”

Lexus will be airing their commercial at the end of the first quarter of the Superbowl and has high hope of its success.

“The all-new Lexus GS is showcased in this ad because it’s the first model to feature the new look of Lexus and it’s also the first of nine new or updated models we’ll launch this year,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “This spot looks very different than anything Lexus has done before and demonstrates to the 50-million-strong Super Bowl audience that 2012 will be a breakthrough year for Lexus.”

So what do you think? Good enough to get you to test drive the Lexus GS 350? Check out the specifications of the new Lexus on the Lexus GS 350 Specifications page of!