The battle of the superbowl commercials! It’s funny how these commercials are starting to turn into the highlights of the game. Considering the $millions that are spent on creating and then airing these 30-60 second spots it’s little wonder that the companies producing them all strive to have the most memorable of the commercials. After all, if the commercial becomes popular people actually flock to see it on YouTube and other video uploading sites.

Want to check out their latest creations? On the next page of this post we have all three video spot “The Dog Strikes Back”, “The Force” and the teaser “The Bark Side”. Check them out and let us know what you think. Are they worth $millions?

Volkswagen VW Bug

This year Volkswagen if focusing on the VW bug for its commercials. The hero of the VW spots is a overweight dog. While I won’t spoil the commercial for you, I will say that it ends up having a Star Wars slant to it that turns out to be pretty funny. Now if funny isn’t your choice in Superbowl Commercials maybe the more “Manly” theme of “The Beast” from Lexus will catch your interest. Let us know what you think which spot rocks?

The Dog Strikes Back Video

The Force

The Dog Strikes back is a continuation of the theme that was started at the 2011 Superbowl with the Commercial “The Force”.

The Bark Side Video

Volkswagen also produced a teaser that has been airing in preparation for the Superbowl. Once again staying to the Star Wars theme “the Bark Side” is a canine musical rendition of the Star Wars “Imperial March” song.

So what do your think. Are they worth the millions spend to produce and finally air these commercials?