While I don’t report on many car shows outside of California this New York show caught my interest. The Syracuse Nationals is one of New York’s largest and most popular car shows with usually more than 7,000 cars registered. Comparing that to the 2,000 maximum you get at other large car shows like Kool April Nites, this one is huge.

Nice thing about a show of this size is that there is usually a wide variety of things to do and the Syracuse Nationals are no exception. To keep the non-car show enthusiasts interest there is also a Women’s world! This is an indoor section of the show devoted to handmade arts and crafts and other product booths.

The Dukes of Hazard Autograph signing, drag races, and tech shows will provide some additional interest to an already great show.

Videos of the Syracuse Nationals in New York

Normally I would refer you to the organizers website but, at this point Google Chrome is giving me “malware” warnings when I go there. So…. You can find any show information you might like at the New York Car Show, Car Show Calendar on the 2012 Syracuse Nationals.
If you manage to make the journey from California to New York to check out the Syracuse Nationals car show, feel free to email me some pictures!

Syracuse Nationals Flamethrower Contest

What’s a car show without a flame throwing contest? The Syracuse Nationals in New York has one of the best. Check out this video.

Donut Contest

How about the Donut Contest at the car show?