2013 Cool April Nights

Kool April Nights

It’s time again for Redding California’s premier event: the 2013 Kool April Nites Car show and Cruise!

If you live in the Redding area you have probably noticed all the classic cars cruising through the streets of Redding. Over the last week there have been show and shines where owners are able to show off their cars and meet up with friends new and old. Well, tonight kicks off the main event with a cruise in Redding followed by a dance at the Mega Tent. Tomorrow, Saturday will be the main car show at the Civic Auditorium followed by Sundays handing out of the awards. (check our callendar for all the details Kool April Nights)

Kool April Nights is Redding’s biggest event. About 2000 cars participate and can be viewed in the parking areas and on the grass around Redding’s Civic Auditorium. Discount tickets to the car show can be purchased at several location (check our calendar for more details) so it’s worth will picking up your tickets ahead of time. This saves you some money and also saves you the wait in line to purchase tickets.

My families favorite is the Cruise. We often set up camp over by PetSmart about an hour or two before the roads get blocked off. The cruise lasts a couple hours so bring lawn chairs, food and drinks so you can kick back and enjoy the show.

Another of the highlights of Cooll April Nights is the live music and dance at the mega tent. The music has been great every year that we have attended and the show changes up with different bands so you don’t just hear the same band and music each year. Even if you don’t like to dance it is well worth the price of the ticket to kick back and enjoy the live music.

Finally comes Show Day on Saturday where you can take your time and take pictures of your favorite classic cars and classic trucks. Usually some of the best are on the grass directly in front of the Civic. From there the cars are broke up into classes so you can spend the most time on you favorite class of car.

Kool April Nights is a great event for the whole family, so don’t miss out on this years 2013 Kool April Nights!