This year we are starting something new and we are rather excited about it. The car shows section of NorCalCars has done so well we have decided to expand the idea to a whole new website You will still find the Northern California car shows here at and Southern California car shows at, but now you can find car shows for every one of the other 49 states of the USA at

From Hawaii to Alaska, from Oregon to New York you can now find the car shows nationwide in our new site. Even if you are not planning on going all the way to New York for a car there is good chance you will find of interest. Many of the car shows in Oregon and Nevada are within a couple hours driving distance from Northern California.

Your Passion

Into car shows directed at certain makes of cars? You will also find many specialty shows within the other 49 states. Whatever your passion is you are bound to find a car show for you. You can find car shows that are just for Corvettes or just for Mini Coopers. There are also shows specifically for European cars or hotrods. What ever you are looking for, there is probably a car show for you.

Maybe your like cars but need a little more to keep your attention then just cars or more likely you love cars, but you are trying to convince the old ball and chain to go with you so you need something to get her attention. If this is the case you might to be interested to know there are many theme based car shows that include other activities besides just cars.

What Things You’ll Likely Find

You will find many that are based around the 50’s and 60’s. These shows often include dances that feature the music of the time, clothes of the time and a general atmosphere of 50’s and 60’s.

In the mid-west you will find many car shows that that involve another important element. FOOD. It is not hard to find events that include car shows and cook offs. BBQ cook offs with tons of different booths to try different foods are very common. Even if it is not a food-based event, you are sure to find plenty of good food at most of these events.

There many shows that are fully based around cars, but they don’t stop at just a car shows. Many include cruses, drag racing, stunt competitions and things of the sort.

For just about anything you can think of, there is car show. You just need to find it and can you do just that.