Deciding how much you can spend on a new car just became easier! NorCalCars is proud to add an automotive loan calculator to the list of features available to our visitors. You will find a link to the calculator on each of the vehicle detail pages or you can go straight to the calculator by clicking this Automotive Loan Calculator link.

The calculator is designed to help you decide how much you can afford to pay for a car in two ways;

  • By starting with a vehicle price and calculating the monthly payment (Auto Loan Calculator)
  • By starting with the amount you are willing to pay and calculating a vehicle price (Affordability Calculator)

Either way, you can add in additional factors like;

  • Down Payment
  • Trade-in Value
  • Sales Tax %
  • Interest Rate
  • Term in Months

Other factors can affect the actual payment, so this automotive loan calculator should be only be used for estimation purposes.