Duct Tape Car Repair
You Can Do it!

An unfortunate part of owning a vehicle is the inevitable need to maintain it (or fortunate part if you happen to like to work on cars!). For those of us without a lot of experience in troubleshooting automotive problems that means a trip to the mechanic, even it the problem is likely a small one.

Many automotive problems are well within the range of the average car owner and learning even the basics of automotive diagnostics and repair can save a ton of money. Some of these basic repairs and maintenance items include:

  • Checking and maintaining fluid levels
  • Checking and replacing ignitions parts
  • Replacing head and tail lamps
  • Checking and replacing belts
  • More advanced – Brakes

Some of the more fun items that most back yard mechanics can handle include customizing your vehicle with new:

  • Custom Headlight fixtures
  • Custom Taillights
  • Complete Dash Gauges

Whether you want need to make a repair or are looking for some ideas on how to customize your vehicle NorCalCars has a new series of articles that can help you out Easy Automotive Repairs. While not trying to get into the major repairs you might need, our ongoing series of Repair and upgrade articles will help you get started with basic troubleshooting and upgrades for your vehicle.

Doing the work yourself gives a sense of satisfaction and can help keep your money in your wallet, a win-win situation!