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Big money is spent in the Superbowl spots with millions going to air a 30 or 60 second commercial. While the best ads used to go to the beer commercials (Budweiser) now it seems the car manufacturers are trying to take the limelight. With Volkswagen is working with funny (always a winner with Superbowl commercials), Lexus is taking a more serious route with their commercials and have produced “The Beast”.

So what do you think? Is the funny twist on the Star Wars theme taken by Volkswagen (“The Dog Strikes Back“) going to make you want to buy their car, or is the more “Manly” theme of “The Beast” from Lexus going to be what entices you into shelling out the bucks to buy a new car?

Check out the Lexus Superbowl spots on our next page (click here (more…)

The battle of the superbowl commercials! It’s funny how these commercials are starting to turn into the highlights of the game. Considering the $millions that are spent on creating and then airing these 30-60 second spots it’s little wonder that the companies producing them all strive to have the most memorable of the commercials. After all, if the commercial becomes popular people actually flock to see it on YouTube and other video uploading sites.

Want to check out their latest creations? On the next page of this post we have all three video spot “The Dog Strikes Back”, “The Force” and the teaser “The Bark Side”. Check them out and let us know what you think. Are they worth $millions? (more…)

The Ford Focus electric is Ford’s first ever all electric passenger car. The 2012 Ford Focus was designed with specific competitive features in mind including a mile-per-gallon equivalent better than Chevrolet Volt and competitive with other battery electric vehicles. Using a 240 charging station the Focus can be charged in 3-4 hours, half the charge time of the Nissan Leaf. The design will be familiar, as it’s based on Fords global C-car platform which is used for both the gasoline and diesel powered Ford Focus vehicles which where debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit (Detroit Auto Show) and were launched at the Paris Motor Show in September.

2012 Ford Focus Electric

2012 Ford Focus Electric

“Focus Electric is the flagship of our new family of electrified vehicles, showcasing our commitment to offer consumers choice when it comes to fuel-efficient or fuel-free vehicles,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president for Global Product Development. “Its advanced powertrain will deliver significant energy efficiency advantages and zero CO2 emissions without compromising driving enjoyment. And its suite of smart driver information technologies will transform the way customers think about energy usage and their transportation needs.” (more…)

Another Great year for the Scottsdale Arizona Barrett Jackson auction with a large number of Vehicles going for over a million dollars. The Top 5 for all 6 days was a 1948 TUCKER TORPEDO for $2,915,000.00, 1947 BENTLEY MARK VI COACHWORKS BY FRANAY for $2,750,000.00, 1954 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL GULLWING for $2,200,000.00, 1933 PIERCE-ARROW SILVER ARROW for $2,200,000.00 and a 1954 DE SOTO ADVENTURER II for $1,430,000.00.

There were also 4 other cars that sold for over $1 million, a 1928 DAIMLER P.1.50 VEE FRONT ROYAL LIMOUSINE for $1,155,000.00, a 1930 ISOTTA FRASCHINI TIPO CABRIOLET for $1,100,000.00, 1930 DUESENBERG J for $1,045,000.00 and a 1964 FORD FAIRLANE 500 CUSTOM 2 DOOR HARDTOP for $1,000,000.00.

The Scottsdale auction started off on Tuesday and the top 5 results were dominated by Ford and Chevy. (more…)

Russo and Steele is another one of the large automotive auction companies specializing in collector cars. There Scottsdale auction is held at the same time the Barrett Jackson auction is held in Scottsdale Arizona Jan 18th through the 22cd. There is also a Monterey Russo and Steele Auction called Sports and Muscle in Monterey” that is held at the same time as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance August 13th through August 15 in Monterey California.

Ford Roadster Russo and Steele

Ford Roadster Russo and Steele Auction

Over 700 collector cars are on the block this week at the Scottsdale Russo and Steele auction here are some of the highlights. A large number of these vehicles will be offered without reserve.


It’s always interesting to see how advertisers decide to use new technologies. Sometimes it works, other times it’s a flop. Right now one of the big rages in marketing is to create Apple iPad Apps (Applications) or perhaps an app for one of the Apple competitors like Blackberry or Android. Regardless of the format you choose the idea is to engage your target audience and get them talking about and interested in your products. Which leads me to the subject of this post, the new Volkswagen “GOLF R DRIVERS FOREVER” iPad App (likely works for iPods and iPhones also).

Golf R iPad Application

Golf R iPad App

Personally I’m an Android user so I’m not going to be able to download this app and see if there is really any thing in it that could make me interested in the Volkswagen Golf application for iPad. But I do have their description so let’s take a look.

To start out, what does Volkswagen have to say about the reason for the application? (more…)

One of the most recognized auctions in the world is currently underway. The Scottsdale Barrett Jackson is being held at Westworld of Scottsdale in Scottsdale Arizona Jan 16-22cd. The Barrett Jackson Auctions usually have an eclectic selection of car and this year’s auction is no different.

Barrett Jackson Tickets

Ticket prices vary tremendously depending on the day, how long you plan on staying and if you qualify for one of the discount tickets. Week passes go from $160 to $80 with the online tickets going at about half price so it’s well worth going to the online Barrett Jackson Ticket sales instead of paying at the gate.

If you can’t get tickets and see the show in person, Barrett Jackson also does video footage of the auction so you can check out some of the top sales on TV from the comfort of your own home. (more…)

California continues to lead the world in the use and development of electric vehicles (EV). One of the newer automotive manufacturers is Coda (based in Benicia California) with its all electric sedan. The company focus for Coda is “Green Technology” with its first effort being the 4 door, five-passenger all electric Coda Sedan.

2012 Coda Electric Vehicle

2012 Coda EV

To start off the 2012 Coda has a pretty impressive warranty, a 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty, 5-year / 60,000-mile power train warranty and 10-year / 100,000-mile limited battery warranty. It also has one of the best driving ranges for an electric vehicle with a range of up to 125 miles per full charge (which takes 5 hours on a 220 volt, 30 amp charger. Top Speed for the Coda is 85 Mph and is electronically limited. (more…)

The original Volkswagen Beetle or VW Bug made its entry into the automotive world as a cheap car designed to be affordable by anyone. Who would have know that with its humble beginnings the VW Bug would move from bottom of the line through cult classic and now on to trendy. Move over “New Beetle” here comes the E-Bugster!

Volkswagen E-Bugster

Volkswagen E-Bugster

The E-Bugster is built off the framework of the “New Beetle” but has been redesigned as a fully electric Eco-Car. (more…)

Lexus is showing off the new design of the 2013 Lexus 570 LX at the North American International Auto show in Detroit Michigan this year. The show is held in the COBO center in Detroit on Jan 9-22. One of the key design differences is the new Lexus spindle grille. This luxury SUV also sports Mahogany Wood Trim, advanced safety features and is designed to be equally at home on or off road.

2013 Lexus 570 LX

2013 Lexus 570 LX

570 LX Safety Features include LED daytime running lights, turn signals on the side mirrors, 10 standard air bags, Active Front Headrests and has a Pre-Collision System with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control option available. LX 570 was the first Lexus to offer the optional Wide-view Front and Side Camera feature designed for use in tight settings, such as parking garages. With cameras located within the front grille and under the passenger outside mirror, the driver can check hard-to-view areas by simply pressing a button on the dashboard and viewing the camera images on the standard navigation system screen. (more…)

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