Car Audio

Tired of scratched up CD’s in your car? Is it a pain to add a new disk to your changer every time you want to listen to a new song? Ever try using that little RF transmitter on your iPod and tuning your car stereo to it (did you ever get it to sound good?).

Well the automotive industry is dreaming up new ways to get you to be able to easily listen to your stored music. The only problem is by the time they get the new interface out to market, the electronics industry has moved on to the next level.

Someone has figured out to try the good old audio jack to interface your iPod, MP3 player, or other music storage device into you car audio. Simply plug your MP3 player from the headphone jack into a barely visible jack on the front of your sound system or on a discreet location on your dash. Now that wasn’t so hard was it? (more…)

Sorry to say you won’t be seeing this in your average used car any time soon, and maybe not in the US at all for a while. But this car audio system goes beyond loud, although the 440 watt amplifier can surely produce that.

The goal of Alpine with this audio masterpiece is to make every seat in this latest Land Rover the best seat in the house, with it’s 14 speaker surround sound system. And just because kids don’t always want to listen to their parent’s music (gasp!) there is even a two headphone socket option from them to be able to listen to their own music source.

Look forward to this one hitting the American market!
Dolby 7.1 for autos

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