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This year we are starting something new and we are rather excited about it. The car shows section of NorCalCars has done so well we have decided to expand the idea to a whole new website You will still find the Northern California car shows here at and Southern California car shows at, but now you can find car shows for every one of the other 49 states of the USA at

From Hawaii to Alaska, from Oregon to New York you can now find the car shows nationwide in our new site. Even if you are not planning on going all the way to New York for a car there is good chance you will find of interest. Many of the car shows in Oregon and Nevada are within a couple hours driving distance from Northern California.

Your Passion

Into car shows directed at certain makes of cars? You will also find many specialty shows within the other 49 states. Whatever your passion is you are bound to find a car show for you. You can find car shows that are just for Corvettes or just for Mini Coopers. There are also shows specifically for European cars or hotrods. What ever you are looking for, there is probably a car show for you.

Maybe your like cars but need a little more to keep your attention then just cars or more likely you love cars, but you are trying to convince the old ball and chain to go with you so you need something to get her attention. If this is the case you might to be interested to know there are many theme based car shows that include other activities besides just cars.


It’s a new year and it’s time to start lining up the Northern California Car shows again!. Last year was a great year for car shows. Our list started in February last year with 3 great shows one in Sacramento: the Autorama and two in San Francisco: Wekfest and the Rod, Custom & Motorcycle show.

This year is shaping up to be another great year! January started off with the Silicon Valley International Auto Show on January 7-10 and will once again have the Autorama, Wekfest, and Rod, custom & Motorcycle shows in February.

What made our list great last year were the many shows that sent in information and pictures so we could add them to the list. We hope to get another awesome showing this year!. If you know of any Northern California car shows that didn’t make it to our list last year, contact the organizer and remind them to send us their information.

In addition to Northern California Car Shows, this year we are starting a new list of Southern California Car Shows. So if you’re in the southern part of the state be sure to chick it out.

You do have a choice! Many insurance companies will “recommend” going to a collision shop that they feel comfortable with. Often their choice is not based on who will provide you with the best work, more like who is offering them the best break. While the two may be compatible with each other, it is best for you to check out a repair shop before having them do the work.

One company that should not be overlooked when choosing a collision repair company is Bailey Motors of Redding. Jake Bailey is now offering his 10 years experience in collision repair to the general public for insurance repairs. Here are a few tips to help you choose someone to repair your accident damage vehicle.

What should you look for in a good Collision Repair company? (more…)

Duct Tape Car Repair
You Can Do it!

An unfortunate part of owning a vehicle is the inevitable need to maintain it (or fortunate part if you happen to like to work on cars!). For those of us without a lot of experience in troubleshooting automotive problems that means a trip to the mechanic, even it the problem is likely a small one.

Many automotive problems are well within the range of the average car owner and learning even the basics of automotive diagnostics and repair can save a ton of money. Some of these basic repairs and maintenance items include:

  • Checking and maintaining fluid levels
  • Checking and replacing ignitions parts
  • Replacing head and tail lamps
  • Checking and replacing belts
  • More advanced – Brakes

Some of the more fun items that most back yard mechanics can handle include customizing your vehicle with new: (more…)

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler

Jeep has set the standard for 4x4s for many years and has obtained an almost “cult” following. Most of us already know our favorite Models and options, but it can be tough to find what year particular options were offered. NorCalCars has compiled a summary of the options and models available in the different years, when features were dropped and when Models were added or dropped.

So if you’re trying to find a particular model with the features you want we have the page for you! Check out our Jeep Comparison page.

Can’t remember when the Jeep Wrangler offered the “Rio Grande Package”? What was the first year the Wrangler came as a Rubicon? What was the last year for the Wagoneer? Check out our Jeep Comparison and find out! (more…)

Honda Ridgeline
Honda Ridgeline

Thinking of buying a used Honda SUV, Minivan, or Truck? It helps to know ahead of time when certain models and options came out so you can get what you are looking for.

For instance when did Honda first introduce the Honda Element, The CR-V Or the Honda Ridgeline (Honda’s Truck)? NorCalcars has complied its latest comparison on the Honda SUV’s Minivans and Trucks. Check it out in our Honda Comparison.

Image complements of Honda (more…)

NorCalCars is starting up a new feature. You will now be able to shop for discount auto parts.
We’ve teamed up with Auto Anything to give you a huge selection of car and truck parts to choose from. Included in our parts store will be performance parts from top manufacturers like Eldenbrock, Volant, Injen and K&N.

We also offer accessories like seat covers, car covers, ski and snowboard racks, and even truck tents.

Stop by and check out our selection! Over the next couple weeks we will continue to add to our selection, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for now, try again in a few days.

Deciding how much you can spend on a new car just became easier! NorCalCars is proud to add an automotive loan calculator to the list of features available to our visitors. You will find a link to the calculator on each of the vehicle detail pages or you can go straight to the calculator by clicking this Automotive Loan Calculator link.

The calculator is designed to help you decide how much you can afford to pay for a car in two ways; (more…)

The Internet has grown into one of the better ways to buy and sell a used car. From the convenience of your home computer you are able to easily and quickly put your car up for sale on one of the many auction and classifieds websites available. Auction sites like eBay allow people to bid on your vehicle while classifieds sites like the classifieds section of allows you to sell your vehicle in a news paper classifieds style format for free.

One of the major advantages to using online classifieds and auction sites is the increased visibility your ad gets. Instead of just reaching people in your own town like a typical newspaper does, you can reach people in towns over a much wider region.

Often people are looking for a specific vehicle. Instead of only having a few vehicles to choose from when looking in the local paper, by searching the Internet they can have hundreds of vehicles to choose from if they are willing to drive to neighboring towns to see them. Putting your vehicle in a classifieds site like the one at NorCalCars puts your vehicle “On the Net” allowing people from all over the state to find your car by searching in search engine sites like Google.

Unfortunately, the main advantage to using auction and classifieds sites is also one of the main drawbacks. Unscrupulous people use this same search feature to find unsuspecting people to try to scam.


Seems hard to believe that only a few years ago gas prices in the Northern California area was near $1.00. Now we’re just hoping to get it back under $3.00 again. One disadvantage to living in an area where towns can be separated by many miles is the need to add gas expenses into the family budget.

It is interesting to note that gas prices fluctuate greatly from station to station. Sometimes by more than $.30 per gallon, and while one station may be the cheapest one day, sometimes a station just down the street is the cheapest the next.

With that in mind, has added a new feature to our site. You can now check for the lowest price gas in your area, by using our Gas Price List. At a glance you can compare gas stations in your area to find the lowest price and all of the stations are displayed with their address to help you find them easily. That way you can choose one that is in rout to where you are going to save you from driving around to find the best deal. (more…)

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