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While it is hard to beat a great auto or classic car show it is good to have a little variety in life! So, mix it up a little an check out one of the top Boat shows in the California the Progressive Insurance Los Angeles Boat show!

I know, it is a little cold to be thinking much about boating, at least in the watersports department. But if you are considering upgrading to a newer ski boat or pick up some of the latest waterboards and ski equipment this is a great show to check out and well, the 14 hour drive to get from Northern California to the bottom of Southern Cal is a good reason to get out of the house.

The show runs from February 7-10 2013 and has two different locations. Click here for the whole schedule. The main location is at the LA Convention Center where you will check out the majority of the vendor booths, exhibits, Clinic and seminars. There will also be boats displayed at Marina Del Rey on the same days.

Something that might make it worthwhile to take the drive is to meet two of the current wakeboarding greats! Wakeboarding legends Bob and Phil Soven will be taking a break from their MTV reality show WakeBrothers (more…)

Motorhomes come in three basic classes with a 4th style that didn’t get it’s own class letter. No doubt you have heard of the most common Class A and Class C motorhomes, yes there is also a Class B (also known a conversion van). In addition to the three classes there are the 5 star hotels on wheels more commonly known as bus conversions.

In future articles I’ll go over some of the advantages of each class of motorhome, but for today I’ll be going over some of the basic questions a prospective buyer might have about determining what class a motorhome is.


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