Your kid is out of the car seat, so that means it is time to go to a full on seatbelt, right? Well, not really. Regular seat belts are meant for adults and only work properly if the person using it is 4’9” or taller.

Car SeatYou already know your child is too big for the car seat, but he is not big enough for an adult safety belt yet. What’s the solution?

A booster seat.

Okay, you’re all ready to buy a booster seat for your kid. Now all you have to do choose which one to get. You know they can’t all be good, so which one do you choose?

Choosing a Booster Seat 

Fortunately the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made an in depth study of booster seats. They have determined which booster seats are safe and which booster seats are not so safe.

They have based their study on two very important factors, where the lap belt falls and where the shoulder belt lays. Accurate placement of these two belts is really the booster seat’s whole purpose in life. Where a booster seat places these belts determines whether or not it is a safe booster seat. (more…)