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For many years the Corvette was American’s only sports car and it has entirely been the most consistent while others have come and gone; and it has remained essentially Americans, despite the steady inward flow of Italian exotica. In a land where speed limits have applied for many years, outsight top speed has been less important than accelerative ability and the Corvette has long supplied that, with its top range option.


None more so than the ZR-1, the first to have a European engine; it was designed by Lotus at the time the company was owned by General Motors, although it derived from a previous project for the still born Lotus Etna. The first Corvette rolled off the line in 1953, a pioneering glass fiber body on well tried mechanical components with a 3.8 liter six cylinder engine developed to produce 150 bhp.


The German factory has a long history of producing high speed coupes. In the thirties, the construction of the autobahns encouraged manufactures to create ever faster cars; the BMW 327/ 80 was an elegant streamlined coupe that would reach over 90 mph on its 80 bhp and its design was carried over to become the post war Bristol 400 with a style that was still modern ten years later.


In the ‘fifties BMW were struggling for an identity, making big V-8 powered saloons and little motorcycle powered Isettas with nothing in between. The 507 was the two seater sports coupe, using the running gear of the bigger saloons in a somewhat different style, the traditional twin intakes on a horizontal plane – very much a period classic.


Undeniably sleek and sporting, the Giugiaro designed M1 is thus far unique in BMW history of its mid engined layout; the six cylinder 3.5 liter 277 bhp unit, featuring twin overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, sits in line behind the cockpit, driving the rear wheels through a ZF transaxle.

BMW – M1

Its purpose was to take part in the Group 4 and Group 5 categories of international sports car racing. Where Porsche had dominated with the competition 911 Turbo, the 934 and 935. for, this at least 400 examples had to be produced over a 2 years period; in competition tune the M1 engine could be made to produce 470 bhp, so it had a theoretical chance against the 934, and the mid engine layout gave it potentially better roadholding. The turbocharged versions, with up to 850 bhp, could challenge for outright victory.


Believe it or not, but Italians have a great car sense. They have been giving us the best cars on the streets. And also have been providing us with these for a long time. The Italian car manufacturers have gained a lot of respect from the entire world where ever their cars have reached. Now a lot of Italian cars have invaded the automotive market. This has been quite a controversial issue that which manufacturer has been providing the best cars of them all. Now with due respect I would say that proclaiming someone on top in this market is utter stupidity. This is generally because the manufacturers produce new models so quickly that one doesn’t have any time to judge the car or the manufacturer.

But with experience one can definitely pick out the top 5 manufacturers. Now experience is needed in this to judge this because only facts matter in such topics and not opinions. For me one of the top manufacturers in the italiano business is Lamborghini. And all the due facts support this statement too. Well the latest proof of this has definitely been the all new Murcielago LP640. Now you might be thinking that wasn’t it released quite a time ago. Well do not worry friends; Lamborghini has now released a new version of that. And this time we are getting a roadster!


That’s right; Lamborghini has released a Roadster version of the Murcielago LP640. Lamborghini has kept its brilliant designing yet again. The roadster has been installed with a soft top that rests just about two inches above your scalp. The aerodynamics and the height of the car have been maintained in this version too. So that means that you can now also experience the low rise of the car when the top is in the trunk.


The best cars that are roaming in the market are usually custom made. These usually sprout from car enthusiasts which have gone through enough experience that they know what their car should be like. When talking of custom cars it is not like just getting stuff together and putting it on stock vehicles. Custom vehicles are the real deal and believe me when talking of custom vehicles one is really not messing up with you.

When custom vehicles become production vehicles the game gets more interesting. This is due to the manufacturer paying attention to every detail and aspect of the car and that under a professional team. One of the producers of such vehicles is Caterham. Using the idea and concept of Mr. Russell Savoury Caterham has yet launched another of its gems. And the new production of Caterham is known as the Levante. Now for Mr. Russell Savoury , he has been working with bikes and racing for 20 years. He had a connection with cars and the design of cars for16 years. That then led to an obsession and finally the production of the Caterham Levante.


For the car the only words that come out are simple innovation. The design of the car has been kept so simple that one has to rev the engine to prove the point. And once that has been done you can let the onlooker stare at the car for as long as he wants. And no one can resist the utter grace of the Caterham Levante. This is due to the work efficient design of the car which has been integrated with a sporty look making the Levante look as sleek as hell. One of the prominent features of the car is reflected by its body.


2010 Ford Mustang AV-X10The brand name Ford Mustang AV-X10 resembles the air venture experimental project model that is built based on the 2010 Ford Mustang car. The digit “10” in the name represents the Ford Mustang model year and also the ten millionth engine models from Romeo Engine Plant. The fully customized model, which happens to be one of its kinds, is designed and created by the Ford team that includes George Saridakis, a design manager of the Ford group, Darrell Behmer a chief designer from the Ford Mustang group, Dave Pericak, a chief nameplate engineer from the Ford Mustang and also includes senior designers like Garen Nicoghosian and Robert Gelardi.

The Mustang AV-X10 is built based on the Mustang GT 2010 model with the option providing glass roof. The modifications made to the vehicle like exhaust tips, tuned exhaust, handling pack and the supercharger in the vehicle delivers 550 hp from the 4.6 liter aluminum block that includes 24 valves in the engine. The Handling pack equipped in the vehicle lowers ride height up to one inch and optimizes the performance. The model is also called as the Dearborn Doll and the name is displayed on the quarter panels at the front side to augment the connection to the World War 2 era fighter planes. (more…)

Chevrolet announced at the Comic-Con (in San Diego) that they are combining their affection of the cars and films together in the blockbuster movies Transformers. Now, the customers can get their hands on the new Transformers Special Edition of Chevrolet Camaro in the North American streets pretty soon.2010 Chevy Camaro
The available features in the vehicle include V6 powered engine from the Chevrolet Camaro, XM Satellite Radio, USB connectivity, Bluetooth phone connectivity and the OnStar feature integrated with the Transformers design signs. All these features to the vehicle make the Transformers edition Camaro as an ideal sports car for the 21st century. According to the EPA ratings given to the model, it can achieve 29 miles per gallon on the highway roads.

When it comes to super cars there is nothing to compromise. When the name super cars are taken the things that come to one’s mind are ultimate speed, ultimate design and every ultimate thing you can dream of being in the market.

Pagani Zonda Cinque

This is because any super car line by a manufacturer is the pinnacle product by the manufacturer. And when comparing any company one on one you firstly should see the super cars manufactured by them. A super car gets a lot of respect in the market when produced in a good manner. And almost opposite when a super car just gets a marketing name as one and does not gives out a very good performance may cause the company to lose a lot of money along with their respect.

Generally speaking the truths there are not many super cars roaming in the market. And that is why the arrival of every new super car marks a very important in the history of cars. So once a year exclusive releases do get the most of attention form journalists and especially critics who just comes and go back. The next day the car ends up in the magazines and your car’s first impression is revealed. And isn’t the first impression the last impression?

One of the great companies which started off from track racing and ended up in the streets with a high reputation is Pagani. Getting a head start in the racing world in 1992, Horacio Pagani had started Pagani Spa. And that marked the start of the Pagani Zonda. In 1997 a design by Pagani was confirmed and was called the Fangio F1. But in 1999 Pagani changed the name of the car to the Zonda. In the same year we were presented with the car and it caused a lot of mayhem in the world of cars. Numerous press conferences were organized to complete the thirst of all the journalists and article writers. But that wasn’t enough. (more…)

When talking about fast cars all that comes to one’s mind is the engine and the horsepower. Gone are the days where fancy cars ruled the streets. This is the era of speed records, fastest lap times and also the roar of the engines. The thing is that the engineers of this era tend to give us things beyond our dreams. This has lead to some serious competitions in the companies as the market of the cars is the main target for them. For differentiating their cars from the normal sport cars manufacturers have started the production of super cars.

2010 Buggati Veyron

This line of cars is the company’s pinnacle products. From the engine to the aerodynamics companies try to excel and present a road legend for the market. But it is not that easy because the market is not a kindergarten’s playground. The market of super cars is reserved for ultra high tech, state of the art vehicles.

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Have you ever seen a kid make a car out of legos? Most of us have and for those of you who haven’t, it goes something like this.

The Kid brick by brick makes sure each piece is in exactly the right spot and builds a sleek looking red racecar. He is so proud of what he built. Then, as if it were a real working car he drives it around saying, “Brrrm Brrrm!!” Most of us have seen how much joy that brings the young boy.

Now image YOU are the one building that same sleek looking car, only it is full sized, it goes 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and IT makes the “Brrrm Brrrm!!” sound.


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