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The world has been filled with aplomb with the emergence of the economical hybrid machine in a class of its own. Being the brain of General Motors after years of struggles and lack of funds, the new entry in the Saturn vue hybrid presents a more economy minded vehicle affordable for all classes of people. Being a form of mild hybrid machine, it has a 3 KW power capability and a battery pack generating 42 volts. The hybrid system of the green vue presents a direction injection of power to gasoline engine by the use motor generator which comes in to replace a conventional alternator.

The Saturn Vue hybrid normally does not use electric power to power it unlike the full hybrid vehicles. For this reason, the Vue hybrid reaches the average of 30 mpg or simply about four mpg slightly above the twenty six it commands on the road. Even if most car enthusiasts argue that the presence of this vehicle is all about foreign oil reliance and environment, the truth is much more that.


No matter where you really wish to travel, the Hummer vehicles are the best bets, especially for the off-road terrain. So, let us take a deeper look at the Hummer H3 series and see what this masterpiece has got to offer for the tourists.
Hummer H3
The 2009 HUMMER H3 SUV offers a wide range of features as well as impressive things that are hard to be seen on the other top-end luxury cars. Few years back, the Hummer H2 also offered majority of these features but at a much higher cost. So, the Hummer H3 not only provides latest features, but also renders them at an affordable price tag too.

2009 Toyota HighlanderAs the trend moves to smaller lighter cars and SUVs you would expect that towing would no longer be an option. Families wanting to take to the road and go camping seem to be in a dilemma, either camp by tent or use a larger vehicle.

But this is not always the case. With a little research you can find an environmentally friendly vehicle that can pair up with a camp trailer comfortably. A good example is Toyota’s 2009 highlander with a four-cylinder engine, Yes, that’s 4 cylinder. (more…)

These two words, hybrid and SUV, are not commonly put next to each other or even mentioned in the same sentence. The term hybrid SUV would have turned heads and crossed eyes not too many years back, but now it has become a reality. (more…)

This is an interesting little option GM is putting in some of their SUV marketed in Europe. This option even unhides a second license plate and turn signals to replace the ones covered up when you have a bike on the rack.

Rumor has it that this design will be on one of the next Saturn VUEs. Hopefully the bike rack will be included on the US model.

You can check out some pictures at SUV with hidden bike rack

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