Team DP4x4

W.E. Rock
Perris Raceway Perris, CA
Round 1 April 12th-13th

WE Rock Perris CATeam DP4x4 arrived at Perris, CA on Friday April 11th for the 1pm Tech Inspection. Team Dp4x4 passed inspection however would be busy repairing a few items that caught the attention of the inspector. Team DP4x4 would need to create a fire barrier in the lower feet area of the buggy. No problem a few minutes on welding wouldn’t keep this buggy from competing.

After tech inspection we arrived at Perris Raceway which is well known as the oldest and largest motor cross raceway in California. This would be the first rock crawling event ever held at Perris Raceway. The Pit area was well marked and roped off for competitors to set up camp and for those needing to make adjustments or start their tech work.

4 Different Classes would be competing at Perris Raceway

F-Toy (Formula Toy) 12 Teams
Mod Stock (Modified Stock) 12 Teams
Pro Mod (Pro Modified) 26 Teams
Unlimited 13 Teams

Team Dp4x4 runs in the Pro-Modified Class and would be competing against 26 other teams. (more…)

Team dp4×4 rock crawling buggySaturday Morning, adrenalin flowing freely in the veins, technicians busy with last minute adjustments to the buggy.

It’s showtime!!

Competitions starts in a few minutes, around 10 am and Team DP4x4 are ready to win. Here are a few closeups of the buggy prior to the W.E. Rock event in Perris CA. (more…)

NorCalCars is proud to announce its new sponsorship of DP4x4.

Pro Rock Crawling Competition

Team DP4x4 is a competition “Rock Crawling” team based out of Pleasant Hill California. Rock Crawlers take off road 4x4ing to the extreme. Crevasses, rock walls, boulders and cliffs are just a few of the challenges these specially designed buggies encounter during a competition. National attention has helped this exciting motorsport take its place among the top extreme sports event in the nation.

NorCalCars looks forward to keeping up with the competitions and reporting on the results here on our blog. Team Dp4x4 first event of the year starts today April 11 and runs through April 13th in Perris CA. This first event is part of the W.E Rock Championship Series and looks to be an awesome event. Other competitions will include the Pro Rock Series and the Cal Rocs Series with the season ending on Sept 21 in Cougar Buttes CA.

Each event has several categories of teams Pro-Modified, Unlimited, Stock Modified and others. DP4x4 competes in the highly competitive category of Pro-Modified. Teams consist of a Driver (Jason Willis) and Spotter (Orlando Giannecchini) as well as a team of mechanics to keep these highly modified machines running in top form.

You can get a small taste of the terrain navigated during these competitions at DP4x4’s official site Team DP4x4. Stop by and check out why we feel this is the team to make it to the top this year!

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