The writers and editors of NorCalCars like to get your input on the various topics we write about. To assist you in getting your thoughts published on NorCalCars we would like to give you some guidelines on how to increase the chances that we will accept your comment.

We have found that most of the people that are only commenting on NorCalCars in order to get a link back to their own site follow a similar pattern. The comments have little or nothing to do with the blog post, keywords are used as the name of the person providing the comment (i.e. “Prescription Drugs”), the URL used for the name link goes to some spammy site.

This is a family safe site, if your comment, URL Name, or URL is deemed offensive it will be deleted.

Links are only allowed in the comments section if the link is to a reputable site and the link is needed to prove a point that you have made in your comments regarding the blog post. Any other links will be deleted

Comment Content
While we are flattered by comments like “Great Post” and “Keep up the good work”, this does not add to the subject that is being discussed. Comments of this nature will likely be deleted unless they are accompanied by further discussion of the topic of the blog post.

Comments should be useful to other viewers, we are sorry but “I like this car” does not count. If you would like to tell us about some of the features of the car that has caught your attention that would be far more useful.

If it is obvious that you have not really read the post it is very likely the comment will be deleted.

Comment Name
It is recommended that you use your real name here. While we will not always delete comments just because of using keywords here, it is far more likely that we will.

Comment URL
If it is deemed that the URL you use, in the opinion of the editor, does not meet the standards we have set, it is possible that we will only delete the URL but allow the comment to be posted. Links to other automotive sites or your business or personal site is usually fine. Links to “made for Adsence” sites or other spammy sites will be deleted.

To sum this up. If you don’t know why we have all these rules or what many of the points mean, in all likelyhood they will not apply to you! People that use other sites to promote their “Fly by Night” sites know who they are and are the ones that will usually be affected by these rules.

By your commenting on this blog, you are agreeing to our policy of editing and deleting blog comments.

Thank you
The Editor.