Ever wrote “please wash me” or drawn a smiley face on the back of a dusty car window? Scott Wade is taking dust drawing to the next level. He creates full works of art out of the backs of dusty cars.

Wade’s dirty car art is really quite detailed, unlike what you would expect from the typical finger drawn dust art. Even the smallest details are included making it very easy to link it with the original drawing.

When I first came to the site it looked to me as though the artwork had been printed and then attached to the rear view window, but I was surprised to see that it had been done by hand. Not only was it drawn by hand, but it was drawn by hand in a thick layer of dust.

The dirty car art that Wade draws is typically a reproduction of a famous painting such as C.M. Coolidge’s “A Friend In Need” or Vermeer’s “Girl With A Pearl Earring.”

The results of this dust art are really quite spectacular and it is the type of art that you have to take a second look at. I encourage you to take a look at DirtyCarArt.com and see for yourself.