When we think of issues at the DMV, we think of long lines and hours of waiting. What many people don’t know of is the many other problems that DMV is part of, problems that they are less than happy to share with us.

Many of these problems are issues we hear of daily, but never link them to the DMV as part of the problem. Such as, how easy it is for a con to get away with Car and Identity theft through the DMV.

Selling of stolen cars can be relatively easy with the use of the DMV. The vehicle-identification number on the stolen car can be switched with that of a junk car and a clean title can be obtained through the DMV.

There have been measures taken to stop this problem. In 1992 the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System was created to help DMV verify a car’s theft and damage history. Unfortunately this system is only being used by 30 states at this time.
California is included in the other 20 states that do not use this program.

One of the simplest ways for an Identity thief to steal your identity is through the DMV. All they have to do is say they lost their license or it got stolen and provide someone else’s legally obtained information. Then, they can start opening credit card accounts in your name and spending your money.

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