While the majority of the people visiting NorCalCars.com are looking to buy a new car or research a car before they buy one, many are car dealers looking to find ways to promote their dealership website. This post is devoted to those used car dealers looking to promote their website.

If you build it, they will come

One major misconception of new website owners is that all they need to do to have a successful website is to create one. Unfortunately this can be likened to building a new car lot in the middle of the desert with no roads leading to your business. You might have the best selection of cars at the best price but likely you are going to be the one person that knows it.

While Google and the other search engines will likely find your site and index it, at this point it will likely not show up in the search engine results. To get Google to start showing your website in the result pages of the search results requires that you promote your car dealers website.

Promoting your Dealership web site

To get your dealership website to show in the search engine results requires that you promote your site. There are three ways to promote your site, advertisement (payper click and others), SEO (search engine optimization), and Social networking. For this article I will be talking about promoting your site with social networking and how to do it.

Social Networks

One of the first things a car lot owner should do after creating a new website is to register with all the major social networks. These sites would include Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, myspace and even Youtube (automotive videos are a great way to promote your car lot). Register with the social network using a user name as close to the name of your dealership as possible.

After you register, create profiles on each site. Be sure your profiles accurately represent your business and if possible include your contact information.

Next step is adding content.

For Twitter I like to tweet about my latest used cars for sale. Many people will use the RSS feed provided by twitter to watch your inventory to see if you get a car that they are interested in. You can also tweet other points of interest.
Likewise keep your Facebook account updated with all of your latest used cars. These page get indexed by Google and will often provide quite a bit of traffic to your website, most of which is interested in buying a car or at least are researching cars.

For YouTube you will need to create videos to upload. Many new cameras can create “YouTube ready” videos. Create a video for each of your cars and upload to youtube. It’s even better if you can also create some funny videos (perhaps even professionally done) that might produce viral traffic to your site.

The more sites that have your site information the better. The links from these sites will make your dealership website stronger in the search engine results. In addition having your information in these strong websites can block out any bad reviews your dealership might get. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try, there will be some that will not like you services and will complain online. These pages can make it so those bad reviews only show after a searcher has looked at several pages of search results.

Social networking isn’t the only way to promote your car dealer website, but it is one that you should not ignore. Spending just a few minutes per day will be rewarded with more site visits and ultimately more used car sales.