Early last month Farrarri announced it will adopt a new more environmentally conscience clear coat technology. This new process will be used with at least 61 different metallic basecoat colors which are then covered by this new gloss or matte pigmented clear coat.

Some of the benefits of this new low temperature paint system are:

  • Lower Bake temperature from 150 degrees to 100 which cuts energy usage.
  • Increased Chemical and mechanical resistance due to an increased cross-coat linking. which reduces water permeability
  • Carbon-fiber and composite parts can now be baked together with the bodyshell making the colors more uniform between the various parts
  • The new system continues to use the water base paint system that was adopted in 2004 which significantly lowered the environmental impact of manufacturing Farrari vehicles

While manufacturing a vehicle can still not be considered an environmentally friendly process, it is good to see some progress being made in that direction. For that we can give Farrari a hand!