Reports from BMW: the firm is forecast a front-wheel drive comes up with the ancestors of urban vehicles. The ultra-frugal variety should also include an enclosed, two seater scooters, and efficiency replacing the unsuccessful C1 that died in 2003.

Project ‘’I’’ has the assistance of BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer, who has prearranged a small team of engineers to bring the series to fruition around 2012. Led by the French Eichiner, head of group and brand development, the team has the authority to tap into any area of the company’s engineers resources to develop these ‘’ i-vechicles’’. BMW hopes they will be as innovative as ‘’Apple iPod and ibooks’’.


In the evolution of the motor car, the combustion engine is about as advance as manual typewriter. The hybrid engine corresponds at the best to the electric typewriter. To make real headway, this industry must conceive a true equivalent to the PC. Big talk, but the initial plan for the ‘’i-car’’ is hardly radical aside from it being a front wheel drive BMW. It will measure about 4100mm long (so 25% longer than Toyota i-Q) and have four wheels. The i-series will continue as more as a luxurious, rear drive car, because the i-model will be more spacious and much lighter to make it a fuel miser. Power will come from 1.2 liter petrol and diesel engine boxer. Expect some of the component sharing with the next generation Mini.

What about electric power? ‘battery power has its attractions but only issues can be solved’ says Reithofer ‘’Our long term planning stretches until 2020 but when it comes to battery driven vehicles the exact timing depends on which the lithium ion technology is available in the right quality at the right price’’

Far crazier is resurrecting the commercial flop that was the C1 ‘yes the C1 was not a great success but the basis layout was the potential of the ride’ says Eichiner who has been in the discussions with the company on the topic of i-series issue. Imagine like improvements better side impact protections and built in with the mechanical anti-tilt device’


Some of the major sources say that the C1 version will sits on a long wheel base to swallow two passengers and I will be powered by the rear mounted motorbike inspired from the 650cc two cylinder boxer engines. A pair of the lateral stabilizers instantly extends from the body work to hold the bike vehicle stationary.

A full 360 degree fairing provides four seasons protection to this ultimate ride, which reduced wind and road noise intrusion. It includes superior side impact absorption and it reduced the drag resistance, but the main message is safety form the BMW to their fans. One of the most interesting thing which attracts most of the customers Is that you cant fall even if have never ridden the bike before, and in case you hit something or get hit, the multi material act as an energy dissipating cushion.

By the December at the latest we will wise enough to make a few fundamentals decisions, promises. And as soon as the project ‘’I’’ has taken shape we will let the public catch a first glimpse of it. Four or five years later the new products should be ready to hit the market the BMW team are very confident they are going to take us a big step away from the electric typewriter and the directions of a PC wheels.