In 2004 the General Motors introduced the world’s first full sized hybrid pickups which were the ½ ton Silverado /Sierra. These hybrids did not use electric energy for propulsion like the successive models by GM. Then in 2005 the Opel Astra which was a diesel hybrid concept vehicle was introduced. Then came 2006 and the introduction of Saturn Vue Line which was the first passenger vehicle from GM is also a mild design

2008 Saturn Vue Red Line

Currently, the GM is offering two types of hybrid systems the first was used in the Saturn vue and Saturn astra which is called the BAS hybrid system which is a type of hybrid canceled in 2009. Then the GM together with BMW and Daimler AG co-developed a Two- Mode Hybrid which is currently used on the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC’s Yukon

Currently the introduced the concept cars which are electric with backup generators powered by gasoline, E85 or fuel cells. It is documented that the GM is the first American company to have released a full all electric automobile. It was the first car with a zero emission that was marketed in America for three decades. It has also announced that it is producing a two set electric vehicle with Segway.

Plans are underway for the GM to build battery packs with LG Chem in Michigan and also build automotive battery laboratories in Michigan. Then again GM has prided itself in the production of hydrogen powered vehicles. But still this is not the end because the GM has managed to produce flexible fuel vehicles that are able to operate and travel on E85 ethanol fuel or even gasoline or still a blend of both. The GM is the north Americas leading in E85 flex fuel vehicles. By 2009 the GM was or had produced over 18 ethanol enabled flexfuel cars and trucks in the US and more Than a million new flex fuel vehicles.

2008 Saturn Vue Green Line

The other biggest and largest GN subsidiary is the GM do Brasil which started by producing the flexible fuel vehicles since its inception in the brazilin market in 2003. The light trucks are supposed to run on any mix of E20-E25 gasoline and up to 100% power just 6 months after another first flex was introduced in the Brazilian market. While still basing invention on the hybrid and with aims of avoiding emissions and environmental pollution the brazilin subsidiary of the GM introduced the Multipower engine in august of 2004. These engines are capable of using natural gas or (CNG) Ethanol and gasoline E20-E25 as fuel. This is the engine that was used in the multifuel Chevrolet Astra 2.0 model of 2005 which was aimed at local cab business and market

The GM Brazil also developed the EconoFlex technology which was used for the first time in the Chevrolet Prisma 1.4. These engines allow the flex fuel to maximize fuel economy and power. The vehicle had success hence the GM sold close to 200,000 flex vehicles and 140,000 gasoline powered automobiles in 2005. These figures jumped to about 520,000 for flex fuel vehicles, while 950 cars and 7000 light trucks powered by gasoline were also sold in 2007. By the end of 2008 about 97 per cent of all cars and light trucks were sold in that same year

Generally the GM can now produce vehicles that use both the E85 and gasoline as fuel that power them. It is also remembered that it is the GM that was the first to use turbocharger which was a proponent of V6 engines but dropped the interest because the muscle car took hold of the market

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