It’s always interesting to see how advertisers decide to use new technologies. Sometimes it works, other times it’s a flop. Right now one of the big rages in marketing is to create Apple iPad Apps (Applications) or perhaps an app for one of the Apple competitors like Blackberry or Android. Regardless of the format you choose the idea is to engage your target audience and get them talking about and interested in your products. Which leads me to the subject of this post, the new Volkswagen “GOLF R DRIVERS FOREVER” iPad App (likely works for iPods and iPhones also).

Golf R iPad Application

Golf R iPad App

Personally I’m an Android user so I’m not going to be able to download this app and see if there is really any thing in it that could make me interested in the Volkswagen Golf application for iPad. But I do have their description so let’s take a look.

To start out, what does Volkswagen have to say about the reason for the application? “The Golf R app was created to celebrate and thank the Volkswagen brand’s community of enthusiasts because they represent what makes the Golf R special,” said Jon Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “The app will help build awareness around the Volkswagen brand heritage and we are excited to offer this innovative approach that illustrates the performance of the Golf R.”

Interesting comments, but if the intended user of the application is already an enthusiast (meaning they already own and drive the vehicle), I would think that most of the information presented would be “old News”. In reality I’m guessing that the app is actually created to try to entice people into becoming enthusiasts, or at least to buy the car.


  • Exclusive videos, photos, interviews and Golf footage. Highlights include:
    • A mini-documentary about the world of Volkswagen including footage of the world-famous Autostadt, created by AWOL Films
    • An exclusive interview with designer Chip Foose discussing his passion for the VW brand and love for the Golf
    • Accounts from key members of the Volkswagen of America Product Marketing team and Volkswagen R GmbH team
  • Fan testimonials and enthusiast stories
  • Interactive timeline spanning the history of the Golf
  • Golf R brochure with tech specs, photo gallery and 360° view of the car

Golf R Drivers Forever App

Well, have they gotten you interested yet? If so you can download the app here. Be sure to stop by here again and leave a comment letting us know what you think! Was the Apple app a success?

Check out the specifications on the NorCalCars Volkswagen Golf R Specifications page