I thought this was an interesting story (probably because I own one). Isuzu Motors has announced that it will no longer distribute new Isuzu passenger vehicles in North America. They site the reason to be because General Motors will no longer be producing one of Isuzu’s line of SUV’s and two of their pickups. I assume that they have made that distinction of only discontinuing their passenger vehicles because they also make a low cab forward truck, which it would appear they would continue to sell here.

Personally I own an Isuzu Amigo, which I think is a great little SUV. So, it’s good to note that they still plan on providing customer support on their vehicles, including product warranties, roadside assistance programs and their customer relations call centers, so owners of Isuzu’s will not left out in the cold.

Likewise, they assured us that they will be continuing to distribute parts and they will be offering all current Isuzu dealerships the opportunity to continue as service dealers.

They plan on putting this change into effect on January 1, 2009, so if you are still planning on buying a new Isuzu, you have about 1 year to make a decision.

If you have any further questions they recommend you calling their hotline a 1-800-255-6727