Maybach is not one of the manufacturers you hear a lot about in the U.S. Unlike some of the other chauffeured vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, Maybach a devision of Daimler hasn’t reached the level of popularity needed to make it a household word. That being said, Maybach and the Maybach Landulet easily competes with the other ultra luxury vehicles in style and class.

Maybach Landaulet

Maybach Landaulet

Maybach the early years

Maybach first became great in the twenties and thirties. During this time cars like the Maybach Type Zepplin DS 8 Cabriolet could be found in all of the major markets so it wasn’t unusual to see them in major cities like New York, Monte Carlo and Berlin. Wilhelm Maybach was an exceptional design engineer and was the designer of the first Mercedes.

Wilhelms Son Karl took over the family business and continues to make outstanding designs between the late 20s to the 40s. Among the best-known Maybach models are the Maybach Type SW 38, Maybach Type Zeppelin DS 7 and Maybach Type Zeppelin DS 8.

Maybach Today

Currently Maybachs are manufactured in Sindelfingen, Germany and still has strong ties with Mercedes-Benz. The current lineup includes the Maybach 57, Maybach 57 S, Maybach 62, Maybach 62 S and the Maybach Landaulet the main subject of today’s spotlight.

Maybach Landulet

One of the more outstanding features in the Landulet is the retractable roof for the passenger compartment. The roof slides back into a compartment leaving the sides in place. The sides are reinforced by an integral tubular steel structure for safety.

The Landulet is powered by a v12 engine capable of 620ph designed by the Mercedes-AMG factory nearby. Of course the vehicle is designed with the goal of reaching near silence in the passenger compartment with is achieved by enhancements to the chassis.

Maybach incorporated an integrated active light function which will turn the inner side lamp in the direction of the curve allowing for a greater field of vision while cornering. Even the angle of the lamp will change to compensate for any pitching movements.

Even the climate control is unique on Landulet. A specially designed ventilation system around the side windows provides added comfort when outside temperatures are particularly high or low. A solar sensor automatically makes the necessary temperature adjustments. The system is also equipped with a dust filter and an activated charcoal filter with smog sensor and automatic recirculation control.

The Landulet intertainment center

No expense was spared with the design. Starting out with a 600 watt, 21 speaker Dolby Surround System. A state of the art fiberoptic network controls the multimedia components like the radio, aufio video and front telephone. A 6 disc changer, DVD player and dual 9.5’ video monitors round out this impressive system. Of course no entertainment room is complete without refreshments so you will also find a refrigerator in the rear center console.

Maybach Laundalet Interior

Maybach Laundalet Interior

And here is a real must have if you want to communicate with the paparazzi but not actually lower your window. The optional External Communicator allows the Maybach driver to communicate to the outside world without lowering the vehicle windows. The system functions via a microphone wired to the front glovebox. An under-the-hood mounted speaker facilitates communication.

What more is there to say? Awesome car, I hope someday I might have need for one!

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