Seems hard to believe that only a few years ago gas prices in the Northern California area was near $1.00. Now we’re just hoping to get it back under $3.00 again. One disadvantage to living in an area where towns can be separated by many miles is the need to add gas expenses into the family budget.

It is interesting to note that gas prices fluctuate greatly from station to station. Sometimes by more than $.30 per gallon, and while one station may be the cheapest one day, sometimes a station just down the street is the cheapest the next.

With that in mind, has added a new feature to our site. You can now check for the lowest price gas in your area, by using our Gas Price List. At a glance you can compare gas stations in your area to find the lowest price and all of the stations are displayed with their address to help you find them easily. That way you can choose one that is in rout to where you are going to save you from driving around to find the best deal.

The default area is the area around the zip code 96001. But you can add your own zip code to find gas stations near you. Another nice advantage to using this map is while you are traveling. Instead of taking your changes and just buying gas when ever you need it, you can plan your gas stops so that you’re are buying in the towns with the lowest prices.

The prices are updated very regularly using the data collected by a third party data supplier and has been accurate every time I have compared with the actual station. So enjoy, and we hope you save a few dollars with the help of