2013 Cool April Nights

Kool April Nights

It’s time again for Redding California’s premier event: the 2013 Kool April Nites Car show and Cruise!

If you live in the Redding area you have probably noticed all the classic cars cruising through the streets of Redding. Over the last week there have been show and shines where owners are able to show off their cars and meet up with friends new and old. Well, tonight kicks off the main event with a cruise in Redding followed by a dance at the Mega Tent. Tomorrow, Saturday will be the main car show at the Civic Auditorium followed by Sundays handing out of the awards. (check our callendar for all the details Kool April Nights)

Kool April Nights is Redding’s biggest event. About 2000 cars participate and can be viewed (more…)

With the new 2013 law on using an electronic version of proof of financial responsibility or proof of insurance comes a few more questions. Here is a little “insurance trivia”:

  • Who needs to provide proof of insurance? Drivers of a motor vehicle and every owner of a motor vehicle must maintain financial responsibility of the vehicle at all times. This means that whether you own the car or not you need to be able to show that the car has insurance if you get pulled over.
  • What is the penalty of not having proof of insurance? (more…)

Every year there are a few new traffic laws passed in California and it is a good idea to keep track of them. Ignorance of the law will not keep you from getting a ticket nor will it help you pass the driving test if you happen to be blessed with having to take it this year. Here are a few of the new traffic laws passed in 2013.

  • Financial Responsibility – As you probably know you have to have insurance in place as well as proof of insurance in order to drive a vehicle in California. One of the new laws allows you to use an electronic version of of your proof od financial responsibility using an electronic mobile device (ipad, internet phone, etc) instead of a paper version.
  • Electronic Wireless Communications – If you are 18 years old or older you can use a voice operated hands-free device to dictate, send or listen to text messages while operating your vehicle. If you are younger than 18 years old, you may not use a cellphone with or without hands free unless it is an emergency and you are calling for help
  • DUI Tests – First it is good to know that if you are driving in California, you have already given your consent to a driving test. If you don’t want to consent to a test, don’t drive in California. The new law stipulates that the Urine test has been eliminated as one of the three possible chemical tests that can be use to determine a persons drug content if arrested for a DUI of alcohol, drugs or a combination of both. There are three exceptions to this.
    1. If the person is unable to provide a blood or breath sample
    2. If the person has a heart condition or is taking anti-coagulate narcotics as directed by a licensed physician.
    3. If the person is a hemophiliac
  • (more…)

Toyota Tundra fans got to check out the next year’s model at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show which will be at the dealers in September. The full sized Tundra comes in 5 grades (SR, SR5, Limited and the two premium grades Platinum and 1794 Edition) each offering its own distinct advantages and options.

2014 Tundra Double Cab

2014 Tundra Double Cab

Even the base line SR is loaded with features including a display audio with a backup camera and Bluetooth built in. Our NorCalCars.com test team was impressed by the visibility offered by the backup camera. Guide lines help to establish the distance of object on the screen and the camera automatically switched on based on user programmed preferences. We had the camera set for backing up and right turn. At first the camera switching on was a little distracting, especially when preparing for right hand turns, but we (more…)

Furia, a concept vehicle that has a Ferocious look and Fury of energetic design elements, or at least as is described during the Corolla Furia Concept Reveal. A rather ambitious description for a Corolla Sedan but is at least attached to a car that is a little more “Ferocious” than the average Toyota Corolla.

2013 Toyota Corolla Furia Concept

2013 Toyota Corolla Furia Concept

The new Corolla Furia concept was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, Jan 14, 2013 and made it’s debut at the 2013 North American International Autoshow at Cobo Hall on Jan 14, 2013. At Cobo Hall Toyota used 46-inch transparent LCD screens to show off its new vehicle giving the debut a futuristic feel that wet along well with the cars design.

Toyota Corolla Furia Concept car Statistics

While the full statistics including mpg, power, torque, acceleration and top speed (more…)

Pomona, California just finished up another great car show. The 2013 Grand National Road Show ran from Friday Jan 25 to Sunday Jan 27, 2013. This show was once held in Oakland California but has been held at the Pomona Fairplex for the past 10 years. Both the Grand National and the Sacramento Autorama which will be coming up later this month are put on by O;Reilly auto parts.

The Grand National is a fairly large show with 500 vehicles in the Fairplex buildings and usually another 400-800 between the buildings so you can continue to check out cars as you walk between the Fairplex buildings.

This year the Grand National Road Show had a Aloha theme with the featured buildings housing 9 exibits displaying “surf Vehicles”.

Grand National Top Cars

It’s pretty tough to list all the winners of the Grand national so here are some of our favorites.
The 1949-1964 Custom Street Machine went to Mitch Kelly with a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. (more…)

While it is hard to beat a great auto or classic car show it is good to have a little variety in life! So, mix it up a little an check out one of the top Boat shows in the California the Progressive Insurance Los Angeles Boat show!

I know, it is a little cold to be thinking much about boating, at least in the watersports department. But if you are considering upgrading to a newer ski boat or pick up some of the latest waterboards and ski equipment this is a great show to check out and well, the 14 hour drive to get from Northern California to the bottom of Southern Cal is a good reason to get out of the house.

The show runs from February 7-10 2013 and has two different locations. Click here for the whole schedule. The main location is at the LA Convention Center where you will check out the majority of the vendor booths, exhibits, Clinic and seminars. There will also be boats displayed at Marina Del Rey on the same days.

Something that might make it worthwhile to take the drive is to meet two of the current wakeboarding greats! Wakeboarding legends Bob and Phil Soven will be taking a break from their MTV reality show WakeBrothers (more…)

Looks like Toyota is one of the first out of the gate showing off their Superbowl commercials, or at least the teaser. This years spot stars Kaley Cuoco. The commercial is titled “I Wish” and is kind of a rap disneyland style commercial with super hero, a witch, and a rabbit costume. Slightly funny but it’s not going to make it to the top of my list this year (well, unless the full commercial has a lot more to it). Maybe next year Toyota!

2013 Toyota Superbowl Teaser

Kayey Cuoco

The star of the commercial, Kaley Cuoco! Miss Cuoco has been around for quite a while, you might recognize her from the sitcom (more…)

If checking out the 2013 Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson as an arm-chair bidder just isn’t going to be enough for you there is always buying a ticket and being there live for the action. However… Tickets are not going for cheap. There is one way to score on some discount tickets for the big show, Advanced Ticket sales and Barrett-Jackson Night at the pavilion.

First, advanced ticket sales. Purchases made before 1/12/13 are considerably lower than gate prices. For example: on a week pass the advanced ticket price goes for $120 for an adult and $100 for students, Military and seniors. If you wait to purchase on on the day of the show the price goes up to (more…)

It’s time again for the king of collector car auctions, the 2013 Scottsdale Barrett Jackson Auction starts on Sunday January 13 2013 and continues through Sunday January 20 2013. This car show always proves to be one of the best shows of the year with some of the hottest cars imaginable sitting out on the auction block.

There are two ways of enjoying this great automotive event, buy a ticket and head to Arizona where the action is or check out the highlights from the comfort of your recliner with a beer in hand. While both methods are worthy of mention, it’s kind of hard to beat the excitement of standing in the crowd.

Either way the game is the same, which car will reign as king of the auction and take the highest bid? While the following cars may not make the top of the list they are still worth dreaming about.

The Scottsdale Docket

So, what’s on the block this year? Well, scrolling down past some of the antique farm equipment (yah, tractors are cool but, I’m looking for the truly exceptional vehicles) the first to catch my eye is a 1941, Bantam Riviera Roadster. (more…)

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