Powered by a 200 hp, 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine the new Scion FR-S is sure to thrill! Holding to the traditional Front-Engine, Rear-Wheel drive design of most of the better sports cars the Scion delivers exceptional performance.

D-4S fuel injection

The Scion FR-S is a joint effort of Toyota and Subaru, using Subaru’s horizontally opposed engine and the D-4S fuel injection developed by Toyota. The D-4S fuel injection system combines both port fuel injection (PFI) and GDI injectors that utilize a dual fan spray.

This interesting combination of the two fuel injection technologies take advantage of each methods best characteristics to produce a high power, low emission engine while also decreasing fuel consumption. In short the port injectors receive the highest demand on startup to decrease the emissions of the cold engine with only minimal use of the direct ejectors.

At low and medium loads both injector methods fire together and at the highest loads direct injection is the primary means of delivering fuel. Using this combination of port and direct injection the Scion reduces the accelerate carbon build up (especially on the intake valve stems) caused by direct injection while the direct injection minimizes flow loss.

Pure Balance

Well almost. Actually the 2013 Scion has a front-to-rear weight ratio of 53:47 which is close to the optimum 50:50. The good balance combined with a low center of gravity will give the sports car a tight quick feel on the corners with good overall handling. The handling is also aided by a dynamically tuned suspension setup consisting of MacPherson struts up front and a double wishbone system in the rear. The Subaru flat boxer style engine allows the engine to be mounted in mid-vehicle and low on the frame to further lower the center of gravity.

Not even the color names are boring! Buyer will be given a choice of Raven, Asphalt, Hot Lava, Argento, Ultramarine, Firestorm and Whiteout (named after a liquid that fixes mistakes, Interesting choice).

Scion FR-S Safety Features

The Scion FR-S incorporates the usual array of Scion safety features like Traction Control (TRAC), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Brake Assist (BA), an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and Smart Stop Technology (SST), all part of the Star Safety System. There are also 6 standard airbags, diver and front passenger, front seat mounted, and side curtain.

Got you interested? Well, you can test drive a 2013 Scion FR-s this spring and take one home for about $24,200 if you like a manual transmission and $25,300 if you prefer a 6 speed automatic that features paddle shifters and rev-match technology.