Looks like Toyota is one of the first out of the gate showing off their Superbowl commercials, or at least the teaser. This years spot stars Kaley Cuoco. The commercial is titled “I Wish” and is kind of a rap disneyland style commercial with super hero, a witch, and a rabbit costume. Slightly funny but it’s not going to make it to the top of my list this year (well, unless the full commercial has a lot more to it). Maybe next year Toyota!

2013 Toyota Superbowl Teaser

Kayey Cuoco

The star of the commercial, Kaley Cuoco! Miss Cuoco has been around for quite a while, you might recognize her from the sitcom 8 Simple Rules, or from the final season of Charmed (likely explains the witch in the spot). But most recently she is one of the star actors in “the Big Bang Theory” where she plays Penny the on and off girlfriend and neighbor of Lenard and the but of the majority of Sheldon’s derision.

Well, I couldn’t quite make out what car they were trying to advertise so I guess we have to wait until the full commercial comes out on game day to find out.