W.E. Rock
Perris Raceway Perris, CA
Round 1 April 12th-13th

WE Rock Perris CATeam DP4x4 arrived at Perris, CA on Friday April 11th for the 1pm Tech Inspection. Team Dp4x4 passed inspection however would be busy repairing a few items that caught the attention of the inspector. Team DP4x4 would need to create a fire barrier in the lower feet area of the buggy. No problem a few minutes on welding wouldn’t keep this buggy from competing.

After tech inspection we arrived at Perris Raceway which is well known as the oldest and largest motor cross raceway in California. This would be the first rock crawling event ever held at Perris Raceway. The Pit area was well marked and roped off for competitors to set up camp and for those needing to make adjustments or start their tech work.

4 Different Classes would be competing at Perris Raceway

F-Toy (Formula Toy) 12 Teams
Mod Stock (Modified Stock) 12 Teams
Pro Mod (Pro Modified) 26 Teams
Unlimited 13 Teams

Team Dp4x4 runs in the Pro-Modified Class and would be competing against 26 other teams.

Rock crawling buggiesThe Pro-Modified classes would be running 4 courses each day. Saturday they would run the B courses and on Sunday the A courses. Each Course challenges both the driver and spotter in different ways.

Roll 1
Roll 3

Team DP4x4 struggled right out of the gates on Course B2 with an automatic disqualification for the leaking of oil. Mid way through the course the Hydraulic Steering Hose blew off spilling boiling hot fluid into the buggy and leaking onto the course which DQ team dp4x4. The team used their 30 minutes of break down time to repair the damages and was very thankful to the sponsors PSC for aiding in the parts and repair. Team DP4x4 did well in the next few courses and then experienced a roll over on B1 where they were unable to recover and received the maximum points for this course. This concluded day 1 leaving Dp4x4 in 20th place.

After the roll over on B1 the motor was Hydro-Locked (meaning that oil had managed to fill up the cylinders) and upon towing the buggy back to the pits where we were able to have the tech take a look at the motor. All the plugs were pulled and oil draining and the motor fired right back up. We were ready for day 2.

Rock CrawlingDay two we ran the A courses and managed to do well on the opening course however on the second course again blew a fluid hose causing an automatic DQ. The buggy was once again repaired and we were back in business for the two final courses. Dp 4×4 finish the final course A1 with one of the lowest scores of the day (Lowest score wins). It was a great ending to a long weekend. Overall Dp4x4 finished out 21st and has already begun work on the buggy to oversee possible DQs for fluid leaks in the upcoming CalRocs Event in Browns Valley, CA on May 3rd-4th.