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Xpert Automotive Auctions

Over the last 12 years of my working with NorCalCars.com I’ve worked with quite a few of the automotive dealers in the Redding area down to Sacramento. I’ve always found it interesting to talk with them about where they get their inventory. Some work with the larger new car dealers buying their trade-ins but for many the best way is to buy the cars at large auctions, some of which are open to the public, others not. Buying at the auctions meant heading down to auction yard, often in Sacramento or the bay area and bidding on vehicles. However, some of the dealers I worked with managed to get their lot stocked while sitting in the comfort of their own office using online auctions.

Every week when I would come by to update one dealer’s inventory on NorCalCars.com he would be sitting at his desk placing bids on various vehicles on a online automotive auction website. This got me to wondering why more of the dealers didn’t do the same. It came down to it that the reason was that most of the auction companies didn’t have the software necessary to do online auctions. This made sense in a way, at the time good auction software just wasn’t available and creating your own custom software is a very expensive proposition. Thousands of hours of research and development can go into creating a high quality auction software, add to that the skills necessary to to manage the servers and keep the database optimized for quick response means that most auction yards simply don’t have the time and resources to run online auctions.

Xpert Automotive Auction

This leads me to today’s web-post “Xpert Automotive Auctions“. While auctions may not be for every automotive dealer many do have the inventory necessary to start holding auctions and Xpert Auction Software can be the answer to the high cost of development and hosting of your own software.

Xpert Auction Software has been developed to allow companies that would like to include automotive auctions to their website do it in a cost effective manner that does not require a huge layout of time. A custom website based on Xpert Auction Software is developed by design specialists for any type of automotive sales including classic cars, specialty cars and even salvaged vehicles.

Truth in Advertising

So why am I doing a sales pitch for auction software? For over 16 years I have been developing web applications with NorCalCars.com’c mother company ADAC Programming. Over the years that my team has been developing NorCalCars.com I’ve seen an increasing need for a high quality auction software that can be used for smaller automotive companies. With the overwhelming success of huge companies like Ebay it is obvious that auctions have a unmistakable place on the internet. ADAC Programming is happy to announce it’s new partnership with Xpert Auction Software of Northern California. With this partnership we hope to help fill the increasing need for affordable customized automotive auction software.

It only takes a few minutes to see if an online automotive auction is right for your company. Stop by Xpert Automotive Auctions today!